Now think about the next tax return

Many workers are happy when they have passed the tax return of last year – and then they do not think about it until the tax return deadline approaches next year. has examples

The next tax return

The next tax return

Anyone who is smart and wants to secure the biggest benefits, now has the tax return for 2016 in mind and diligently collects receipts with which the cost of advertising can be claimed. Because here the greatest savings are possible for the employees. The tax office deducts 1.000 € for advertising costs. However, it is usually easy to prove that you have had costs of more than € 1,000 during the year surrounding your work.

The prerequisite is that you can prove these costs with receipts and receipts

Here are some important expenses that you can claim as the cost of the next tax return:

Here are some important expenses that you can claim as the cost of the next tax return:

Work equipment:

If you have acquired work equipment that you mainly use for professional purposes, you can claim the cost of the work equipment at your advertising costs. For example, think of receipts for stationery and paper, subscription bills, journals, online courses, etc. that you paid out of pocket.

Training costs:

Did you buy specialized books to stay up-to-date? Or did you attend a seminar and you did not receive reimbursement of the training costs from the employer? These are also advertising costs!

Telephone bill:

Does your boss call your home more often? Or do you often need to call a customer or business partner from your private line? Do you use the private Internet connection for professional research? Then you claim the costs proportionally to the tax! If you also communicate professionally about your private connection, you can claim proportionate costs. You do not have to record every single conversation – you can apply up to 20% of the bill (maximum 20 € per month) on a flat rate basis. The best way to confirm with the employer is that professional communication from home is necessary.

Travel Cost Interviews:

Did you apply to another employer during the year and did you come to a job interview? If the travel expenses have not been reimbursed, you can claim the expenses of the tax as expenses. Tip: If the potential employer only reimbursed part of your expenses, you will be liable for the additional costs.

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